Gossip Girl: “Rhodes to Perdition

Nate gets a new role and the girls await the big Studio 54 party on an all-new episode of Gossip Girl.

Last week it was all about the bridal shower on Gossip Girl. This week it’s all about the shindig. Will the big Studio 54 party be everything Charlie and Serena hope it will be?

On this week’s new episode of Gossip Girl, “Rhodes to Perdition,” there’s a party in CeCe’s honor and Charlie, Serena and Lily are anxiously awaiting the big event.

Elsewhere, Nate prepares to slip into a new role at the Spectator, but the subject of his first assignment is all too familiar.

Will Nate pull it together? And who is this “unlikely” source Blair is going to turn to for help?

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Check out a preview of “Rhodes to Perdition” and then head over to the CW on Monday, Nov. 28 to catch the full episode…

The CW officially describes “Rhodes to Perdition” as the following: “Lily (Kelly Rutherford), Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) and Serena (Blake Lively) eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe’s (guest star Caroline Lagerfelt) honor. Nate (Chace Crawford) takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair (Leighton Meester) turns to an unlikely person for help.”

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The cast of Gossip Girl recently celebrated its 100th episode with a lavish party in New York that saw the stars looking ever so glamorous.

The big episode doesn’t air until January and executive producer Joshua Safran said, “I think it’s our biggest episode since the pilot.”

Hopefully the episode will live up to the hype. According to Safran it should: “If you’re a fan of the show and you’ve been watching from the beginning, you’re going to feel rewarded.”

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