Rachel Uchitel wants a baby STAT

Rachel Uchitel is making plans to have a baby! The newlywed shares her hopes for becoming a mother along with details of her romantic honeymoon.

Rachel Uchitel

What a difference two years in the life of Rachel Uchitel makes. This former mistress of Tiger Woods, thrust into the spotlight when the golfer’s affair scandal broke in 2009, is now a newlywed hoping to start a family.

“Marriage is great,” Rachel Uchitel told Radar Online of the two months since exchanging vows with Matt Hahn. “It is no different than it was before we were married. It feels right and that is how it should be.”

The pair have been honeymooning in the islands of Loreto, where they were greeted by a “bed covered in rose petals.” A bonus to the location? Rachel Uchitel explained, “Neither of us had ever been here before so I was glad that we got to share this new destination. There wasn’t any baggage for either of us.”

“Having the best time in Loreto, Mexico! Learned how to paddle surf today for the first time,” Rachel Uchitel tweeted on Nov. 20. The following day she added, “The chef at Villa del Palmar actually taught @MattyHahn how to cook my favorite meal. Best surprise!”

Reflecting back on her time with Dr. Drew Pinsky, the 36-year-old commented, “He totally changed the way I have a relationship after Celebrity Rehab, and I’m very lucky about the changes that have come for me. I have been through a lot. But in life you have your ups and downs and you learn from them. I take all the negatives and learn from it and not sulk about it.”

Looking forward, Rachel Uchitel is planning a pregnancy! “A baby is the plan,” she said, though rumors saying she is already expecting have circulated the web in recent weeks. The newlywed revealed she doesn’t care if her future baby will be a boy or a girl as long as it is healthy, but if it’s a boy she said “he’ll be as handsome as his dad!”

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