Katherine Heigl on Josh Kelley's tattoo: "It's so hot"

Nov 23, 2011 at 10:35 a.m. ET

Josh Kelley's tattoo is dedicated to both wife Katherine Heigl and their daughter Naleigh. Take a gander at the singer's fresh ink below!

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley's first tattoo is a gesture of love and dedication to Katherine Heigl and daughter Naleigh. The 31-year-old tweeted updates on the tattoo's developments to fans, while being cheered on (and teased a bit) by his famous better half.

Josh Kelley, who exchanged vows with the former Grey's Anatomy actress in 2007, tweeted throughout the tattoo process on Tuesday. "Bout to get my first tattoo today in LA," he started out. "Got my wife and father in law with me. Too funny man!!!"

"Ouch!!!" he exclaimed at one point, then later added, "Becoming one with the shading."

In response Katherine Heigl tweeted to him, "Ok he's starting to crack! I think he might cry soon! @JoshBkelley just keep doing your yoga breaths! We'll get through this together!!"

When asked by a Twitter follower if she was getting a kick out of her husband's pain the 32-year-old replied, "no girl if he were really suffering badly I'd never tease him! I'm just joking around w/ him to keep his mind off the sting."

Of the tattoo design, Josh Kelley explained, "Killer!!!! My wife's birthday is Nov. 24 and Naleigh's is on Nov. 23, so her 23 is in Korean and the Sagittarius symbol is in the middle."

What was Katherine Heigl's reaction to husband Josh Kelley's tattoo? She tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "Here it is y'all! How cool is that??!! Kinda the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me and so hot that he's such an amazing dad!"

Though Josh Kelley's tattoo did get his wife's stamp of approval, she isn't down with everyone getting inked. When asked if Naleigh would be allowed to get one when she's older the actress shot back, "Not while I'm still in charge! Hahaha!"

Josh Kelley tattoo

What do you think of Josh Kelley's tattoo for Katherine Heigl and daughter Naleigh?

Image via WENN, Josh Kelley Twitter