ABC's A Very Gaga Thanksgiving sneak peek

Nov 23, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. ET

ABC's A Very Gaga Thanksgiving promises to be more than just a Lady Gaga song-and-dance extravaganza. Don't miss these sneak peeks of the trendsetter's more traditional side.

Lady Gaga is celebrating Thanksgiving eve with her little monsters this year, via the boob tube. ABC's A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special will feature eight Lady Gaga performances, a visit with Katie Couric and fun with special guests Tony Bennett, celebrity chef Art Smith and a group of lucky third graders. A Very Gaga Thanksgiving: Lady Gaga gets artsy with third graders

We all know Gaga is going to rock her Thanksgiving special, but the mega-watt celebrity will also sit down to get real with Katie Couric. Gaga opens up about her music, her past, her relationships with family and friends and living life in the public eye.

Lady Gaga talks turkey with Katie Couric

"We all know Lady Gaga is a phenomenon," said Couric. "This is a chance to see more of who she is beneath the wild costumes and staged musical numbers... Lady Gaga as a high school student still bruised by being excluded from the party, Lady Gaga as a devoted daughter and caring sister, Lady Gaga as a 25-year-old woman embracing fame and fortune that seemed to come overnight. She will impress you, delight you and surprise you."

Gaga Thanksgiving: Turkey time sneak peek

Can't believe Gaga can still surprise? Or get real? Just check out this sneak peek of the singer, fashionista and philanthropist talking turkey -- sans sunglasses -- with a group of third graders at her alma mater, Sacred Heart Catholic School in Manhattan.

Plus, what would a Thanksgiving special be without a turkey? Celebrity chef Art Smith helps Gaga prepare a Thanksgiving feast of deep-fried turkey and waffles for her guests.

Gaga Thanksgiving: The music sneak peek

Lady Gaga will get dolled up for dinner and eight intimate performances with her favorite little monsters in the world, her family and friends. From the sneak peeks below, it seems Gaga's holiday style will be on the more classically glam side than, say, the meat suit or the Jo Calderone get up.

That said, you never know how many costume changes Gaga will pull off as she performs "The Lady is a Tramp" with Tony Bennett, "Marry the Night" (clip above), "You and I," "The Edge of Glory" and the holiday classic "White Christmas."

She'll also be performing hits like "Bad Romance" (clip below).

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving airs Thursday, Nov. 24 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.


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Lady Gaga and Art Smith fry up a turkey

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