Michelle Williams’ “strange relationship” with Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams says playing one of the most glam women in history did not always leave her feeling so sexy. Read what the actress had to say about getting into character for her sultry role in My Week with Marilyn.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman of her generation — but playing her in My Week with Marilyn did not necessarily make Michelle Williams feel very arousing.

The actress told Piers Morgan that the sexy Marilyn moments were rare.

“Honestly, no [I didn’t feel sexy],” said the Oscar nominee. “You know, maybe in those kind of moments — in the moment like in the bathtub or the scene with the school boys… but not consistently.”

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“Not in your every day life, not on the weekends when all that comes off, the hair, the wig, the costume,” Williams explained. “There’s some sort of strange in between person underneath.”

In fact, Williams said, she never really sees herself at all when she’s watching her work. Seeing herself as “some other being” on the screen. Williams admitted “I don’t really know who I’m looking at any more,” when she watches her performance in My Week with Marilyn.

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“It’s just kind of at her,” Williams said. “Whenever I see it, it’s a she or a her. It’s not me. And I wouldn’t be audacious to say it was Marilyn. It’s just some other being. It’s a strange relationship.”

See what Williams is talking about when My Life with Marilyn hits theaters tomorrow.

Watch Michelle Williams talk Marilyn with Piers Morgan:

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