Padma Lakshmi mourns the loss of her boyfriend

A businessman romantically linked to Padma Lakshmi died of brain cancer on Sunday. What other famous woman is he said to have dated?

Some sad news for popular Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi: Her boyfriend, Theodore Forstmann, passed away recently from brain cancer. He was 71.

Padma Lakshmi's boyfriend died

Forstmann was a businessman and investor in many companies, including Dr. Pepper and Gulfstream Aerospace. He also pledged to donate half his worth to charities after his death.

Lakshmi and Forstmann have been linked a few times over the past several years. Many thought he was the father of her one-year-old daughter Krishna, but venture capitalist Adam Dell was later revealed as the baby daddy.

The sexy reality star isn’t the only famous lady he’s said to have dated — Newsweek editor and royal biographer Tina Brown claims that he was cozy with Princess Diana and the two were planning to wed before she died.

We don’t expect Lakshmi to talk about Forstmann’s death — she’s notoriously private about her personal life and even initially refused to name the father of her baby.

“My personal life is my personal life,” she snapped to the Times of India in 2002 when questioned about her relationship with Salman Rushdie. “If I wanted to advance my career through my personal life, this is not the way I would go about it.”

Forstmann is survived by two sons, Siya and Everest, brothers Anthony and John, and sisters Marina Forstmann Day and Elissa Forstmann Moran, according to People.

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