Natalie Wood’s sister speaks out on mysterious death

Lana Wood, the sister of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood, is speaking out about the actress’ untimely death. Now that authorities have reopened Wood’s accidental drowning case, Lana says she’s “frightened” to learn the truth.

Lana Wood

Will Natalie Wood ever rest in peace? Over the past week, her former husband Robert Wagner, and former yacht captain Dennis Davern have had their say over the new investigation surrounding her death. First Davern appeared on NBC’s The Today Show to reveal his theories on what really happened and now Lana Wood is having her say.

Davern initially stated that he lied in a police report about events that took place prior to Wood’s disappearance. He claims that she and Wagner had a heated argument and that Wagner didn’t put much effort into the search and rescue.

What does Lana Wood think about his allegations? She says, “I’ve never known him to lie.” Apparently, Davern has kept in contact with Wood years after her sister’s death. She claims that he’d only give her bits and pieces of what happened that night, but never the whole story.

When host Matt Lauer asked Wood about her feelings on the reopening of the case, she said she was “scared” and “nervous.”

“I have spent the last thirty years preferring to just believe that everything was a simple an accident,” said Wood. “A slip and fall and an accident. It’s easier that way. And I think easier for a great many people. Although a lot of things didn’t add up and I was always concerned about various things that were said. It’s easier. You want to think the best. You want to think what’s easiest to believe and what’s kindest to believe.”

Prior to this interview, the police announced that neither Christopher Walken or Robert Wagner (the last men to see Wood alive) are considered suspects. The authorities are currently reviewing leads from other sources besides Davern.

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