Dancing with the Stars preview: It’s anyone’s mirrorball to win!

In a matter of hours, the contestants of Dancing with the Stars will have left it all on the floor, hoping your votes will put the mirrorball trophy in their hot little hands. Read on for more finale details.

A new ballroom set, controversial contestants and shocking eliminations — it’s been one heck of a season but Dancing with the Stars is coming to a close.

As season 13 of Dancing with the Stars prepares to crown J.R. Martinez, Ricki Lake or Rob Kardashian its new champion Tuesday night, we thought we’d take one more look at these fabulous contestants as they get ready to dish out their biggest performances of the season Monday night (Nov. 21).

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J.R. Martinez is the emotional favorite of the season. Not only does the war hero have an emotional tie to the American voting public, he has a technically sound one at that.

J.R. Martinez has been consistent up until last week when he twisted his ankle. Despite the pain he displayed in each of his dances, and landing lower in the leaderboard standings, the voters saw to it that he got his chance at mirrorball glory by keeping him in the competition.

Trust us, this was no pity vote, either. He was the first contestant this season to rock out two sets of perfect 30s and he clawed at Ricki Lake and Derek Hough for much of the season.

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Ricki Lake is a strong contender, but is she strong enough? This technically sound gal finally managed to get Len Goodman on her side with a 10 after taking his advice about shoulders and all that jazz, but we’re not sure technical perfection is what’s going to win season 13.

From our point of view, Ricki Lake doesn’t have the emotional connection with the viewers that someone like J.R. Martinez or even Rob Kardashian might have.

Yes, you can see she gets lost in her partner and her dance, and she might be in her own world, but what connection is she bringing to the audience? Perfect 10s and 30s aside, we’re hoping for more from her in the finale than an actress acting the steps.

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We’ve been rooting for Rob Kardashian for a good part of the season, most of which has to do with his fight to the finale.

This is one contestant that didn’t start strong and stay strong. Rob Kardashian has taken every critique and criticism and applied it to the next week’s dance, showing us great growth.

He put aside his hip-shaking embarrassment and gave it everything he’s got to land a spot in the finale, making him someone to look out for.

The freestyle dance could be the key to this whole competition.

We want to hear from you, the fans who have been watching all season. Who do you think is going to take home the mirrorball trophy?

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