Why is that orange annoying the Cartoon Network?

They can make a show out of anything these days, including an Annoying Orange — just ask the Cartoon Network.

If you’ve ever watched those crazy viral videos like the baby biting his brother’s finger or stumbled upon a video on a site that made you say, “this would make the perfect show,” this big announcement is for you.

The Cartoon Network is turning The Annoying Orange web series into a television series for their network.

Cartoon Network announced on Thursday that it is focusing in on a new series that centers around The Annoying Orange, an Internet sensation that has racked up its fair share of viewers and fans.

The Annoying Orange will be part of the Cartoon Network’s 2012 lineup and will be structured as a half-hour series.

If you’re not already familiar with the Internet sensation, The Annoying Orange is basically a sassy, snippy orange who talks in a high pitched, nasally voice and annoys different foods with really bad jokes.

The Annoying Orange has climbing numbers on YouTube, having previously reached 850 million views (a number that will obviously will keep going up). Check out this video below…

The Annoying Orange TV series will feature Orange and a bunch of his friends as they get into all kinds of mischief.

The best part revealed by Cartoon Network? The produce will be traveling in style on this series — in a magical fruit car!

It’s like the Care Bears and their Cloud Car!

Okay, we have to throw this out to the fans of The Annoying Orange the Internet hit — what do you make of this new series on the Cartoon Network?

Do you think The Annoying Orange TV series will annoy viewers or entertain them?

Head over to our comments section and sound off!

Photo courtesy of The Annoying Orange Facebook

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