Tori Spelling’s tatas make Twitter debut

Tori Spelling was left overexposed Wednesday night after husband Dean McDermott posted a photo of their son Liam on Twitter. In the background? A topless Tori.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and son Liam had a little silly fun posting photos to Twitter Wednesday night. All would have been fine and dandy had the father of 5-week-old Hattie Margaret not accidentally caught his wife topless in one of the images!

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

The photo of Liam, seen here with a rolling pin baking sticker stuck on his forehead, was captioned “Pin head.” Two other photos in the same series bound to get far less attention included Dean McDermott with a cooking pot sticker titled “pot head” and another captioned “dough head.”

Tori Spelling topless on Twitter

Just hours before Tori Spelling’s topless photo hit the internet, she wrote the following love letter to her husband on her official website:


I’ve known you my whole life. But only in my heart. I would dream of you for so long. So many represented you. My dad. Every Ken doll I ever played with. Every prince in every Disney cartoon. The lead character in every John Hughes’ film. Not one guy I ever dated. And, then you became a reality. It took me 32 years to find you. But only after I found me could I find you. Because you stood for the other half of me. You allowed me to be me. You’ve helped me achieve my dreams. I reach further knowing if I fall you’ll be there to catch me. You’ve given me the greatest gift I can ever know. The gift of motherhood.

The three lives we’ve created together were made out of pure love. We will raise them with pure love. And, one day we will smile at each other knowingly as they each find their own soul mate. Thank you my love for the brilliant life we’ve created together. Thank you for making all my dreams come true.

I love you…

Tori xoxo

Here’s hoping Dean McDermott’s accidental posting of Tori Spelling’s topless photo doesn’t cool their romance too much!

Images via WENN, Dean McDermott’s Twitter


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