South Park renewed through its 20th season

Nov 17, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Congratulations are in order for the team at South Park. The show that's been shocking us time and time again, has been renewed through its 20th season.

Cartman and the gang over at South Park will be giving us something to talk about until the year 2016.

South Park ended its 15th season on Wednesday and already the show has been granted the honor of sticking things out through a 20th season. The show has been renewed through 2016 by Comedy Central.

This is a feat that is not easily come by in the animation world. The Simpsons is the only other vehicle to last this long.

Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless said of the series, "The collective genius of Matt and Trey knows no bounds. Week after week and season after season they continue to surprise and delight South Park fans and that includes all of us here at Comedy Central."

Stone and Parker said of Comedy Central, on which the show debuted in 1997, "Comedy Central has been our home for 15 years and we love working there. South Park is a blast and we can't wait to make more."

Another interesting number comes into play with the news of South Park hitting a 20th season.

A report from Zap2It says if creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone make 14 episodes per season, like they have been doing for the past few years, the show will hit over 300 episodes before the 20th season wraps.

If you look at the show's track record, the team at South Park has the unique ability to turn out episodes fast, allowing them to stay current.

Hitting over 300 episodes should be a breeze for them. As long as the world is still producing controversial, buzzworthy stories, South Park should stay strong -- take the Penn State case for example.

South Park used its Wednesday season finale to take jabs at the case surrounding Joe Paterno.

At one point Kenny and his siblings were left with a social worker who conveniently said, "I've been looking over my file and see you kids have all been horribly physically and emotionally abused."

The social worker then said, "Oh, whoops! That isn't your case file. It's the Penn State University Gazette. Ha! I'm joking. That's just a joke. We like to have fun here. It is your case file. I was all just like, 'It's the Penn State Gazette,' to be like a joke. We have fun."

It didn't stop there. Kenny's sister was a mess of tears, so the social worker tried to make her smile: "I'm going to get you to smile! A Penn State administrator walks into a bar… Where's that smile? How about this one? Joe Paterno doesn't walk into a police station… C'mon, that's a good one!"

Check out the full video...

See, nothing is off limits!

We want to hear from the fans of South Park. What do you think of the new deal that sees South Park into 2016 and into 20 seasons. Do you think it will continue on to surpass 300 episodes?

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central

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