Jonathan Rhys Meyers fined over airport threat

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was fined for threatening to kill three French police officers while he was drunk.

A French court has slapped The Tudors’ star Jonathan Rhys Meyers with a sentence for his more than two-year-old incident at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport — an alcohol-fueled incident that not only saw the actor punch a waiter and threaten the lives of police officers and their families, but also resulted in his arrest.

After declaring the actor “extremely aggressive,” a court slapped the Irish star with a one-month suspended sentence and fined him roughly $1,350 for the incident.

The Correctional Tribunal in Bobigny, in the north east suburbs of the French capital, heard how he first kicked a barman and swore at him because he refused to pour him a drink.

The Irish-born actor had been waiting for a plane home to Dublin when three officers arrived to arrest him. He resisted, swore constantly and told them to leave him alone.

‘I’m going to give a million dollars to ruin your life, I’ll kill you and your family,’ Rhys Meyers allegedly screamed.

Meyer’s attorney, Vincent Toledano, asked the court to dismiss the drunk and disorderly charges, enumerating the actor’s less than flattering characteristics that led to his unfortunate bust.

As revealed in court Wednesday, Meyers apologized to them after sobering up in custody and blamed his alcoholism. He also said that he could not entirely recollect the events that unfolded.

According to the Agence France-Presse, the actor, who did not appear in court for the sentencing, additionally compensated his victims in the case.

The 33-year-old actor was also arrested in 2007 at the Dublin airport for another drunken incident. The star was also seen in the VIP lounge at JFK airport this past April drinking vodka drinks before boarding his flight to LA. The staff refused to let him fly, saying he was too drunk, and he soon went on a “foul-mouthed tirade.”

Let’s hope Meyers can keep away from the airport bars from now on and stick around at the newsstands instead.

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