Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which is the fairest movie of all?

Nov 16, 2011 at 8:50 p.m. ET

We're getting our first look at the Snow White reboot starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins with the official trailer of Mirror, Mirror. Does it beat Snow White and the Huntsman?

Oh, it's on now: Relativity has finally released the first trailer of Mirror, Mirror – the Snow White tale starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. The film -- set for release on March 16 -- shows off the whimsical and comedic side of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

Mirror Mirror trailer starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins is out

Much of the trailer focuses on Roberts' evil queen -- a woman so set in maintaining her youth that she's forced to banish the fair-skinned Snow White. "Blah, blah, blah, her hair is not black -- it's raven," Roberts says in the trailer. "And she's 18 years old and her skin has never seen the sun, so of course it's good."

The lighter take on the story is a stark contrast to the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. The Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron film is very gothic and medieval both in imagery and language -- no song and dance in this film.

"Do you hear that?" Theron's queen asks in the first trailer. "It's the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair. But now their cries bring strength."

We're thankful the two films are so different in their interpretation -- especially since both open around the same time in 2012. Which one do we prefer? Snow White and the Huntsman wins from a visual standpoint, though we do appreciate the comic relief of Mirror, Mirror.

Watch the Mirror, Mirror trailer

Image courtesy Relativity Media

Which Snow White film do you want to see more: Mirror, Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman?