American Horror Story‘s Alexandra Breckenridge does crack…the magazine, that is

Sexy American Horror Story star Alexandra Breckenridge is anything but sweet in her new photos for Crack Magazine.

American Horror Story's Alexandra BreckenridgeAlexandra Breckenridge, who plays a murdered maid in FOX’s new American Horror Story, brought her spooky sex-pot act to the pages of an upcoming issue of the UK’s Crack magazine.

In the spread, photographed by Michael Freeby, Breckenridge dons a black puff pastry dress, a goth tattoo, garish jewelry and heels that might even be taller than her.

It’s a perfect look for a show that constantly volleys good and evil, the dead and undead. American Horror Story centers around the Harmons, a family made up of a cheating husband, his stricken wife, and their troubled daughter who is dating the ghost of a hunky school shooter. To add to the dysfunction, the Harmons’ new home is haunted with a colorful cast of freaks, from phantoms in bondage gear to babies in jars!

But perhaps the most intriguing member of the American Horror Story clan is Alexandra Breckenridge’s character, Moira, a maid who was slayed after her boss suspected her of bedding her husband. Sadly, Moira’s murder did not relieve her of her maidly duties, as she is still forced to cook and clean for the house for the rest of time. And she isn’t spared man’s snarly gaze, either. Even after she’s grown old and dowdy, Mr. Harmon still sees visions of Moira as a lovely little 20-something play thing.

This is all a far cry from AlexanAlexandra Breckenridge plays Moira on American Horror Storydra Breckenridge’s other tamer roles on Family Guy, The Ex List and She’s The Man. But so are her new locks, which she dyed from blonde to cherry red for the role.

Click on the gallery above to view Breckenridge’s new ‘do, as well as her fearless fashion ensembles, featuring the latest 2012 winter and spring collections. We predict you will be drooling with as much thick, jealous saliva as we are.

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