NYC couple: Patti LaBelle abused our baby!

Nov 15, 2011 at 4:37 p.m. ET

A Manhattan couple is suing singer Patti LaBelle for a disturbing incident involving their toddler daughter.

Patti LaBelle accused of abusing toddler

We've always figured that iconic singer Patti LaBelle was a bit of a diva — but, we never would have assumed she's abusive. However, that's exactly what one New York City couple is alleging in a new lawsuit.

Kevin and Roseanna Monk claim — in a new lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court — that LaBelle harassed their toddler daughter, Genevieve, in the lobby of their Upper West Side apartment building.

"'What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?'" the couple's lawyer, Sam Davis, said a fur coat-and-sunglasses clad LaBelle as asked Roseanna. Davis went on to claim that LaBelle came unglued and started "screaming at my client, throwing water from a bottle at the mother's face and the baby's face."

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"'Are you happy that this is what you have done to this baby?!'" Roseanna yelled at the singer who was in the city for a stint in the Broadway musical Fela! LaBelle then allegedly threw a punch at the mother, causing the toddler to "violently" throw up on her mother.

We've reached out to LaBelle's rep to get her side of the story.

Davis said his clients would have been fine with an apology, but decided to file the celebrity lawsuit after hearing of a previous incident involving LaBelle's staff. In that incident, the singer's bodyguards roughed up a West Point cadet earlier this year at the Houston International Airport after he got too close to the singer's suitcases.

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"Apparently, defendant LaBelle believed [Cadet Richard] King was standing too close to her (no doubt expensive) luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in," read a lawsuit. "LaBelle lowered the window of her limousine and gave a command to her bodyguards. They sprang into action."

Video of the incident showed her bodyguards in the act that left the 21-year-old bloodied and bruised.

Davis said incidents like this show a pattern of LaBelle's abusive behavior.

"Violence seems to be part of their road show," Davis said.

Image courtesy Jeffrey Grossman/WENN

Who do you believe: the couple or Patti LaBelle?