Kim Kardashian: People don’t buy “bullsh*t

Kim Kardashian revealed to Marie Claire how she planned to make her marriage to Kris Humphries last. You’re not going to believe what she said.

Kim Kardashian covers Marie Claire, talks Kris Humphries

Talk about awkward: Kim Kardashian is the cover girl for the December issue of Marie Claire magazine — and all she talks about during her interview is her perfect marriage to Kris Humphries!

Obviously, this was written before her Oct. 31 divorce filing.

The article does mention their impending divorce, but the writer keeps with the original interview — even calling her “a junior Elizabeth Taylor, complete with epic bling.” Well, they’ve got that right.

Still, Kardashian maintained throughout the interview that everything about her family is real — and that she didn’t earn $20 million for the wedding.

“We made a pact as a family and said we would be truly authentic because people don’t buy bulls—t,” the reality star revealed. “We’ll just be who we are, and — love it or hate it — we have each other. I think that’s what makes it so relatable, because we are not afraid to show crazy things.”

Oddly enough, Kardashian also revealed why her first marriage didn’t work – and why her wedding to Humphries would go the distance.

“As unhappy as I was, and as happy as I am now not to be in that relationship, I learned so much from it: Who I wanted to be, who I never wanted to be — you take all those issues and move on.” She said. “I learned how to cook and do a lot of marital things. It definitely taught me what being a wife is all about. I think it means taking care of each other’s needs and being there for someone unconditionally.”

Of course — as long as ” being there for someone unconditionally” means just 72 days.

Image courtesy Marie Claire

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