Breaking Dawn‘s Nikki Reed: “Honeymoons are overrated”

Now that filming has finished on the Twilight series and the Breaking Dawn — Part 1 press tour is over, you would think Nikki Reed would finally have time for her long-awaited honeymoon. Think again.

Nikki Reed at the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie premiere

Bella and Edward aren’t the only newlyweds in vamp land. The Twilight Saga star Nikki Reed never had the time go on a honeymoon and she and her hubby just might forego the trip. She chatted with SheKnows about the no-go honeymoon and filming Breaking Dawn at the premiere in Los Angeles.

Nikki Reed was stunning Monday night at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, wearing a green flowing Marchesa gown and still giving off that newlywed glow.

“My decision to wear this dress is so simple and it’s because it’s green and it’s my mom’s favorite color,” Nikki told SheKnows.

Reed’s new hubby, American Idol alum Paul McDonald, accompanied her on the carpet, looking just as excited as his lady to be there.

“I think the cool thing about this film is [Paul’s] never seen a Twilight movie before and going to see this, he didn’t feel like he was out of the loop or didn’t understand what was going on,” said Nikki. “He was fully invested in it, even knowing nothing about the other ones.”

Reed said she really enjoyed the challenges in filming this movie, which included totally changing up her character Rosalie’s usually icy persona.

“It’s very different. It’s much more mature and adult I think the whole tone of it, it takes you to a different place.”

“Every scene that I did, with the funny banter between Jacob and Rosalie or the scenes with Kristen and the sensitivity and vulnerability of having a baby, was really fun and a great experience,” Reed told SheKnows.

So now that it’s finally coming to an end, we assumed she and her man would finally take their long overdue honeymoon.

“Honeymoons are overrated,” Nikki laughed. “There’s no time for that. We had a mini-moon. We had 48 hours.”

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