Kate Middleton’s royal baby wishes

Even though Kate Middleton sparked rumors recently when she was snapped in a photo touching her tummy, she’s not pregnant… yet.

Just about every week a new rumor hits that Kate Middleton is pregnant. According to royal insiders, Prince William‘s wife isn’t pregnant just yet, although the couple is definitely working on it.

“There have been reports to the contrary worldwide, but the fact is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant. Does she hope to be soon? I should say so,” a royal aide close to the couple tells E! Online.

The royal insider also says that there would be no way the Prince would be assigned to royal military duty if his wife were indeed pregnant now. The palace insider explains, “Prince William will be on active military duty in the Falkland Islands from early in the New Year, and there is no earthly way he would be assigned 8,000 miles from home if the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting.”

But, it looks like things might happen sooner rather than later according to the insider: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in these days of economic gloom, for an announcement to come shortly? I think it would be a terrific morale booster for the whole country.”

After a visit to a UNICEF distribution center during an official visit to Copenhagen, Denmark last week, royal watchers began speculating that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

Middleton and the Prince sat down together to view and sample foods from aid boxes that were to be sent to famine-plagued East Africa. However, Middleton gave her royal hubby a “knowing glance” when he tried to give her a peanut-based snack. It was only later revealed that Middleton didn’t opt out of the peanut paste because she’s pregnant; she simply doesn’t like to eat in front of cameras.

All this “is she?” or “isn’t she?” speculation is hard to keep up with. Let’s just hope Middleton gets pregnant soon because a thunder-stealing Kardashian might get pregnant in the meantime and ruin the royal baby announcement for all of us.

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