Howard Stern is cagey on America’s Got Talent rumors

Howard Stern won’t confirm if he’s in negotiations with America’s Got Talent — but he says he’d be the toughest judge ever.

Howard SternWill Howard Stern replace Piers Morgan at the judges’ table on America’s Got Talent? The shock jock refuses to officially confirm or deny, but he says if he does he will pretty much put Simon Cowell’s cynicism to shame.

“Everyone knows I love America’s Got Talent,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show. “I think it’s the greatest and I would be certainly honored to sit with Howie [Mandel] and Sharon [Osbourne] and judge these lunatics.”

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“I take show business very seriously,” he continued. “If I was a judge on there, there would be no nonsense whatsoever. I would be there for the talent. I would be there to actually find somebody good.”

So is he or isn’t he? Howard Stern would only say one thing for sure, that he does not have a deal — yet.

“I am not the next judge,” Stern said. “I have no deal with America’s Got Talent.”

Here’s the big “but:” “I’m not going to comment if I’m in negotiations,” he hedged. “I don’t comment on negotiations.”

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So basically the deal just hasn’t been signed yet, and Stern may be legally prohibited from discussing it in the meantime. SheKnows will update you if and when Stern’s appointment to America’s Got Talent becomes official!

Tell us: Is Howard Stern a good choice for America’s Got Talent?

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