Immortals cuts down Sandler, DiCaprio at the Box Office

The epic 3-D adventure Immortals tore through the box office, taking down goofy holiday fun and tense FBI drama. Which new release didn’t even make the top three?

Tarsem Singh’s 3D action adventure Immortals sliced through the box office competition this weekend. Armed with a massive budget and the power of the Greek gods, Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff and Kellan Lutz took down Adam Sandler‘s Jack and Jill and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s J. Edgar. Puss in Boots refused to budge from the box office top three, while Tower Heist remained in the game.

Immortals charged the box office for a win

Box Office Top Ten: Nov 11 to Nov. 13
* Studio weekend estimates
1. Immortals $32 million
2. Jack and Jill $26 million
3. Puss in Boots (2011) $25.5 million
4. Tower Heist $13.2 million
5. J. Edgar $11.5 million
6. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas $5.9
7. In Time $4.2 million
8. Paranormal Activity 3 $3.6 million
9. Footloose (2011) $2.7 million
10. Real Steel $2 million

With fanboys storming the theaters on Friday, Immortals managed to conquer the weekend, but the Olympian drama lost steam right out of the gate. Critics are insinuating the adventure set in ancient Greece won’t have the staying power to make a real mark on the box office. After a worldwide opening of $68 million, however, Relativity Media is looking at its best opening weekend ever and the production company is not ready to throw in the towel on this high-budget action flick, which cost $75 million to make, and another $50 million to market.

“A lot of people are enjoying the picture, and when you look down the road going into the holidays, there’s just nothing for the action fans, so I think that’s good for us,” said Kyle Davies, Relativity’s President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution.

Jack and Jill vs. Puss in Boots

Early weekend estimates have Jack and Jill getting the last laugh on Puss in Boots, but the margin is so small that when final number come in, second place could go to the cat who’s ruled the box office for the last two weeks.

Adam Sandler road Jack and Jill into the box office top three

Jack and Jill earned an estimated $26 million, which isn’t quite up to par for an Adam Sandler opening. In spite of a slow-ish start, however, the film seems to be overcoming the audience’s gag reflex to Sandler in drag by proving to be more than just a cheap laugh. Word of mouth will likely keep the holiday film in the game.

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Puss in Boots, meanwhile, is right on Sandler’s tail with an estimated weekend take of $26.5 million. Whether or not Puss takes second or third, the suave cat is doing a happy dance after hitting $100 million mark this weekend. He has his paws up for more, but ’tis the season for family comedies… 

Happy Feet Two, Arthur Christmas and The Muppets are ready to spread the cheer and steal some of the audience from both Jack and Jill and Puss in Boots over the coming weeks.

J. Edgar

After all the hype leading up to the release, Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar biopic couldn’t push past last week’s power players, Puss in Boots and Tower Heist. J. Edgar is getting mixed reviews from an audience that is skewing over 50 years old.

J. Edgar doesn't make the box office top five

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To be fair, however, audiences this fall haven’t responded well to dark, dramatic tales. There has been a clear preference, instead, for positive movies about overcoming obstacles, like recent box office kings Real Steel, Dolphin TaleMoneyball and even The Lion King.

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