Nick Cannon’s bad dog joke draws PETA ire

Nick Cannon is in PETA’s doghouse. Find out what stunt he pulled on radio co-host Sarah Lee Owensby that has the animal rights group up in arms!

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon seems to have missed the fine line between funny and too far with a doggy prank. The father of twins Roc and Roe thought it would be hilarious to pretend to send radio co-host Sarah Lee Owensby’s pooch Charlie Roo off into the sky tied to a cloud of helium balloons.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known as PETA, is not laughing — and unfortunately no one else is either!

In a video filmed prior to releasing the balloons Nick Cannon explains, “I won a bet with Sarah Lee, and I’m about to play the meanest joke on her ever. This whole time I’ve been acting like I don’t like dogs, but I really love dogs. I’m a dog person… But I’m pretending that I want to float Charlie Roo with balloons!”

“I’m not really gonna float a dog,” he made sure to clarify. “I’m gonna float a stuffed animal that looks just like Charlie Roo.”

Nonetheless, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk isn’t happy. She says, “If bad taste were a crime, we’d be going to jail with Nick, but joking about killing a dog, a kid, an old person — anyone — isn’t cool when there’s always the danger that some numbskull will do it for real.”

“I think I might be getting fired,” Cannon tweeted to his nearly 3 million followers in reaction to the prank uproar. “@923nowfm boss just told me PETA is on the phone. #DAMN. Radio bit gone seriously wrong. @923Nowfm … Probably won’t have a job in the morning…@923nowfm People are acting like I’m Mike Vick. I apologize. Now get over it …They are saying the program director, my producer and I are getting arrested. This can’t be serious.”

It appears that Nick Cannon has not been fired, and all can rest assured no actual dogs were harmed in the “Switch-a-Roo” prank!


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