Backstage with Natasha Bedingfield: Knee deep in self-esteem

Natasha Bedingfield recently kicked off Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend in New York City where SheKnows chatted with the beautiful Brit about finding beauty within. She belted out “Weightless” from her Strip Me album as she prepared the audience to write their own anthems.


Bedingfield is a super woman on stage

If there was ever a song sung out of a self-pitying existence, it’s a safe bet that Natasha Bedingfield had nothing to do with it. The singer is known for her uplifting lyrics sung with a voice that prevails over negativity the moment she hits the chorus.

As we started chatting about self-esteem, Bedingfield referenced another big-voiced female mogul that had big dreams and plenty to say about survival as a woman.

“You know how Beyonce talks about how she becomes Sasha Fierce — when I go on stage I feel this adrenaline rush,” Natasha compares her own empowerment through music to Beyonce’s on-stage alter ego. “I wouldn’t quite say it was Sasha Fierce,” she laughs, “but I definitely have this superhuman strength through the music.”

Natasha Bedingfield sings with the Rascal Flatts at the CMAs.

Natasha in action

Natasha Bedingfield singing with Rascal Flatts at The Country Music Awards

At this year’s CMAs, Bedingfield made having superhuman strength look easy as she sang with Rascal Flatts. And the dress she wore? Definitely Sasha Fierce worthy.

“I think for everyone it’s about finding something that pulls you out of your isolation. It’s about shutting out those voices and finding people, finding things that inspire you. For me, it’s music,” Natasha told SheKnows.

Natasha Bedingfield at Dove's Self Esteem Weekend.

Natasha inspires

Natasha kicking off Dove’s self-esteem weekend singing “Weightless”


Natasha sings her single for self-esteem

There’s something hopeful about her music, like these lyrics: “The sky is the limit and I just want to float, Free as a spirit on a journey of hope, Cut the strings and let me go, I’m Weightless,” Before singing the number, Bedingfield explained that the song is about loving who you are.

“We are all unique and powerful and incredible, and [the song] is celebrating that.”

She told SheKnows a little about the insecurities she had when she was younger, before she became the Natsasha Bedingfield we know today. “Personally, I definitely had a lot of insecurities growing up — just wanted people to like me.”

By finding her home in music she says, “I think I’ve become much more free now.”

She credits her mom and sister as the forces who have helped her follow the path above the things that try to tie us down.

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