Madonna discusses her hairy armpits

Nov 10, 2011 at 10:22 p.m. ET

Even though she is one of the most powerful women in the entertainment world today, Madonna says that boys used to tease her and call her "hairy monster" during her high school days because of her hairy armpits.

Madonna is probably used to being called a lot of names by now, but there is one nickname that dates back from her high school years that she can't forget. The singer-turned-director revealed in an interview for the December issue of Harper's Bazaar that the boys from her high school used to call her "hairy monster."

"The boys in my school would make fun of me. 'Hairy monster.' You know, things like that," recalled the mother of four, who is featured on the cover of the magazine with her W.E. co-star Andrea Riseborough.

She added, "Straight men did not find me attractive. I think they were scared of me because I was different."

Luckily for her future husbands and lovers, Madonna has since invested in a razor and while she might be called other not-so-nice names by her peers, hairy is something that she's not.

"Going to high school, I saw how popular girls had to behave to get the boys. I knew I couldn't fit into that. So I decided to do the opposite," she said, "I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits."

In the interview Madonna also explained why she is very guarded at times. "For some reason, I feel like I never left high school, because I still feel that if you don't fit in, you're going to get your ass kicked," she said. "That hasn't really changed for me. I've always been acutely aware of differences and the way you are supposed to act if you want to be popular."

When it comes to love though, the hitmaker said that men "can also be more than just sexual, um, appendages."

She explained, "I don't necessarily like to use the word lover because it sounds like they just come over and have sex with you. I aspire to more than that, and I need more than that. Someone to share my inner life with. That's extremely important. It's also important that my children admire and respect this partner that I would choose for myself."

Image courtesy WENN