Madonna is super PO’d over song leak

Madonna’ s new single, “Give Me All Your Love,” has been leaked on the internet – and her manager said that the Material Girl is not very happy about it.

Madonna at WE screening

Madonna is excited for her upcoming album, but her manager Guy Oseary said that she is upset that her new single, “Give Me All Your Love,” was leaked on the internet because it was not quite ready.

“The plan was for new music to come out in the New Year and yet someone leaked a demo version of a song yesterday,” he wrote yesterday on twitter. “I’m very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song. We are asking that the fans please help us police any more leaks. We have a lot in store for you. but please respect the process.”

“Madonna told me this morning ‘my true fans wouldn’t do this,'” he continued. “Whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop.”

Oseary went on to answer fan questions, revealing that they do not yet have a name for Madonna’s new album and that it should be finished in the next month or so. He went on to say they have no plans for a tour yet and he is not even sure how many tracks will be on the new album.

“[Madonna] is only upset with whoever leaked he music,” he said, in response to a question on twitter. “We would love to know who that is.”

Wow! We haven’t seen Madonna this upset since a fan tried to give her hydrangeas!

The leaked song is no longer available online, however it began with chanting, “L-U-V Madonna. Y-O-U you wanna?” reports Billboard, who says it has “an ’80s sound with synthesizers, drum machines and ‘Hey Mickey’-like back-up vocals.”

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