Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek: “Dark Was the Night”

Life is always tense at Seattle Grace, but tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy sneak peek and promo are just plain unsettling.

On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy: “Dark Was the Night”, Teddy (Kim Raver) puts Henry’s (Scott Foley) life in Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) hands, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) gets news on Zola and something horrible happens. Check out two sneak peek clips and one alarming promo below.

Meredith and Derek get news of Zola

Meredith and Derek have spent the fall waiting for news on Zola, and they’re finally going to get it. From the looks of the promo, however, it may be too late.

Grey’s Anatomy Promo: Are Mer and Alex in danger?

After Meredith tells Derek she’s doesn’t want another baby and “It’s over,” she and Alex hit the road to pick up a sick newborn from a neighboring hospital.

Alex and Mer get the baby, but on the way back to Seattle Grace, their ambulance is stranded in the middle of the road, with no lights and tons of explosive oxygen on board.

Cristina and Derek look devastated at the end of the Grey’s Anatomy promo above, which doesn’t bode well for Meredith and Alex, but one must always be wary of promos. They create a story by mashing up clips and often that story is misleading.

Something very bad is going to happen, but to whom?

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Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek: Teddy taps Cristina

Cristina’s shock could actually portend trouble for Henry, instead of her BFF. After watching this full clip, one has to admit that Cristina will be very upset if things go wrong. She’s going to perform surgery on her mentor Teddy’s’ husband, and doesn’t even know it.

Last week’s episode ended with Henry spitting up blood and this week he’ll go back under the knife. As you see in the clip above, Teddy insists cold-blooded Cristina is the perfect surgeon for the job. When the other doctors balk, Teddy tells them not to let Cristina know who her patient is.


Teddy’s reasoning makes perfect sense, but with someone as single-minded and cocky as Cristina, the lie of omission might just backfire on everyone, as you can see in this final Grey’s Anatomy sneak peek:

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday, Nov. 10 on ABC, followed by a new episode of Private Practice.

Image courtesy of ABC


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