Hold the fries: Beyonce is craving ketchup

Beyonce says that she has been craving ketchup throughout her pregnancy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Beyonce has been open about her pregnancy ever since she announced the news at the VMAs this past August. Now, the singer is being candid about her biggest pregnancy cravings.

The 30-year-old is currently expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z and was asked about her newfound food desires in a recent interview.

“I don’t know if you’d call it weird, but I’m having ketchup with everything,” she told Britain’s Closer magazine.

“I mean, I liked it before I was pregnant, but I now literally won’t eat anything without it. Breakfast, lunch or dinner — I need to have a bottle of ketchup close at hand,” she added.

Last week, Beyonce’s best friend, Kelly Rowland, accidentally spilled the beans that the singer was expecting a baby girl, but Beyonce most likely wasn’t too upset with her for long.

“Kelly is my sister — it’s that simple. I’ve known her since we were 16 and she’s another daughter to my mother,” she said. “Auntie Kelly is going to be involved. I know she’s spending a lot of time in the UK at the moment but we still speak all the time.”

Rowland even made up for the faux pas by buying one incredible baby shower gift — a Swarovski crystal-studded baby bathtub worth $5,200.

The baby-sized footed porcelain tub is covered in 44,928 imported crystals that were hand-crafted by California-based interior designer Lori Gardner. It took Gardner a reported two months to apply each crystal to the bathtub by hand.

After letting the cat out of the bag, Rowland had to make it to her bestie somehow, right?

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