In the money: Candy Spelling wins big in Vegas

Some women have all the luck, while others are just plain rich to begin with. Tori Spelling’s mom, Candy, recently won $90,000 on slot machines in Las Vegas.

If there is one person who can probably help the country get out of its deficit, it would be Candy Spelling. There is no doubt that Tori Spelling‘s mom is followed by money everywhere she goes — even when she doesn’t need it — having recently scored a cool $90,000 while playing the slots in Las Vegas.

Spelling was in Sin City with a group of friends when she began playing the slot machines at the Bellagio Hotel. She is reported to have played machines that cost $100 or $1,000 a spin and according to TMZ, Spelling came up trumps and scooped $90,000.

It is not the first time the 66-year-old has struck lucky at a casino. Spelling, who is worth an estimated $600 million, won $180,000 while playing the slots three years ago.

She also hit it big in 2007 when she won a grand prize of a Toyota Prius car in a charity raffle. Either Spelling has been eating her Lucky Charms for cereal every morning or she definitely has a nose for money.

Still, it’s not that she really needs the cash. In July, Spelling sold her 56,000 square foot house built by her late husband to 22-year-old British heiress Petra Ecclestone for $85 million, at $65 million less than what she originally asked for.

The mansion sits on five acres in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood and contains fourteen bedrooms and twenty-seven bathrooms. It contains special rooms dedicated to activities like wrapping presents and storing silverware, in addition to the usual luxe amenities: a wine cellar, bowling alley, screening room, library and a gym, according to The Associated Press.

In any case, Spelling is still living large, having recently downsized into a $35 million 15,555 square foot penthouse in Century City, California.

What, did you think she’d move in with her daughter? As if that would ever happen!

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