Tina Fey calls Real Housewives "subhuman"

Nov 8, 2011 at 11:10 p.m. ET

According to Tina Fey, there is nothing real about the ladies of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. In fact, she thinks they are "subhuman."

After she gave birth to her second daughter Penelope in August, actress and comedienne Tina Fey spent most of her maternity leave from NBC fixated on her television screen. And while there were programs she didn't mind watching such as Extreme Couponing and Cake Boss, there were certain reality television shows that bothered her just a bit, including Bravo's Real Housewives franchise.

On Brian Williams' new NBC show Rock Center, Fey and Williams talked about the train wreck TV juggernaut's merits and debated which installments were their favorite.

"I can only do New York and Beverly Hills," said Fey, who called the New Jersey cast "subhuman."

Williams, a New Jersey native, was left aghast at Fey's response. "Not New Jersey?" he asked. "I find Jersey so far and away the best of them," Williams said.

Fey continued joking by saying, "Orange County, I literally can't tell the women apart. They look like a fire at a wax museum. I can't tell what I'm looking at."

According to Fey, the appeal of Real Housewives has little to do with the cast members' personalities.

"I'm a little worried about the Real Housewives franchise. I don't want them to fight all the time," the 30 Rock star told Williams. "I just want to see their weird houses."

"Without that, they wouldn't have television," Williams aptly concluded.

While we can agree with many of Fey's observations, we also couldn't imagine reality television without the housewives and their bickering. New Jersey without Teresa Giudice would be like spaghetti without the sauce. If the housewives aren't supposed to bicker, what else is left for them to do?

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