Dancing with the Stars recap: J.R. Martinez has instant dance success

Nov 7, 2011 at 10:33 p.m. ET

Was the instant dance an instant hit for the contestants of Dancing with the Stars this week? Read on to find out.

Watching the contestants on Dancing with the Stars tackle the pressure of learning dances like the fox trot and quickstep is amusing, but when it comes to the instant dance -- we feel for them.

This week, the remaining five dancers went toe-to-toe in not one, but two, dances including the dreaded instant dance.

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In terms of the scores, we'll give you three sets: one for the first dance, one for the second dance and one for the overall total. Here's how the competition stacked up this week...

Rob and Cheryl (51/60): Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke's first dance of the night was the quickstep. He busted out some kind of old school "Carlton" move at the top of the dance, but thank heavens it went up from there.

Len Goodman had a good look at his "buttocks" and said he maintained his holds. Bruno Tonioli said he was "speedier than a drag race." Where do they come up with this stuff? For this dance they got a 27.

For the instant jive they got "Maneater" and the dance didn't chew him up like we thought it would. It was a good effort without having time to perfect the technical aspects. It earned them a 24.

Hope and Maks (52/60): Hope Solo and Maks Chmerkovskiy came back strong with a quickstep that Bruno and Len called her "best dance."

Carrie Ann Inaba wanted to hug the "new and improved team" after their big improvement. She finally got the 27 that Maks said she "deserved a while ago." He just can't help himself.

For their instant jive, they got the song "The Best Damn Thing." Hope had no clue what the song was but it didn't stop her from going fast and furious with a pretty fun routine.

She upped her jive ante, but Carrie Ann and Bruno weren't wowed, while Len was gaga over it. Go figure. It earned them a 25.

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Ricki and Derek (52/60): Ricki Lake and Derek Hough danced a sleepy waltz that was good in every way, but still left us snoozing.

The judges thought her "shaping" was on point and that she "loses herself" when she dances -- everything we've heard before. It's hard to find fault with her, but there's just something about her that needs to be shaken up a bit. They one-upped the previous two contestants with a 28 for their first dance.

For their instant jive, it seemed like they relied more on Derek to do fancy splits rather than showcasing her. The judges noticed she was in and out of the dance and called her on it. They earned a 24. Are they losing steam?

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Nancy and Tristan (44/60): Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus put their love/hate relationship to good use with a tango that was sharp and aggressive. Bruno called her a "brazen jezebel" and said it was the way to go.

Len called it one of her best dances, while Carrie Ann decided to call out a few "oops" moments that we totally missed. Eh, you can't win everyone over. They got a 24 for this one.

They got "Upside Down" for their instant jive and it was the weirdest song to pair it with. Tristan was faster than her and she was lagging -- it was just a mess. They earned a 20.

J.R. and Karina (60/60): J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff wanted a perfect 30 for their waltz and they got it! They received the first 30 of season 13.

Bruno said it was like a "musical Valentine's card" and Carrie Ann said something happened in the middle that was "magic."

For their instant jive they got "Tutti Frutti" and kept their previous momentum going with a jive that surpassed the one they did weeks back (the one with the lift). This one earned them a 30 also.

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