Cancer Survivor Ethan Zohn runs the New York Marathon

Survivor winner Ethan Zohn finished the New York City Marathon in four hours and twenty minutes, just one week after learning his cancer had returned.


Ethan Zohn proved why he is a true survivor by finishing the 26-mile New York City Marathon just one week after announcing his Hodgkin’s lymphoma had returned.

Zohn, who ran the marathon for his organization Grassroot Soccer to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, wrote on Twitter that he was the guy “stomping out AIDS and outrunning cancer.”

“26.2 [miles] in the bag. NYC marathon finished. Lots of rest. Lots of Muscle Milk. Hopefully can walk tomorrow,” he wrote. “I kinda love everyone right now.”

Zohn, who won the third season of the reality show Survivor, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009. He received a stem cell transplant that year and was in remission until his recent announcement that his cancer has returned. “It’s localized in my lung area, but it’s good that it’s not all over my body,” he said.

The 37-year-old began chemotherapy on Oct. 18th and may undergo another stem cell transplant 12 weeks after treatment. His girlfriend, Survivor winner Jenna Morasca, has been by his side and helping him cope.

Why did Zohn decide to run the marathon? “The doctors think I’m crazy but they gave me the okay. Cancer isn’t going to slow me down. I want people to know that you can still live a fulfilled life and move forward,” he told People. This is his second year running the New York City Marathon and his time last year, when he was in remission from cancer, was four hours and 16 minutes.

Zohn wrote this morning that he has appearances lined up on Good Day New York — and that he may be walking a little slower than normal. “I’m so sore…but it was worth it. Take THAT canzer [sic],” he tweeted.

Photo: Ethan Zohn


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