Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner throw down in bar brawl

Nov 7, 2011 at 10:29 a.m. ET

Brody Jenner, stepbrother of Kim Kardashian, was involved in a very ugly fight between girlfriend Avril Lavigne and another female club goer. Witnesses report Jenner had blood gushing down his face.

Brody Jenner involved in Hollywood brawl

It's 1 a.m. in Hollywood on Sunday morning and your famous girlfriend Avril Lavigne just got into a bar fight with another female; what do you do? If you're Brody Jenner then you step right in and take a severe hit to the head from a bottle. Ouch! X17 Online spotted Brody outside of a celebrity hotspot, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with what looked like serious lacerations to his head, as blood was clearly visible.

Police arrived on the scene and listed Jenner as the victim of an assault with a deadly weapon -- no word on yet who the instigator of the fight was early yesterday morning. Brody was offered an ambulance ride to the hospital but declined, taking private transportation instead. He was released from the hospital and is reported to have received several stitches. He later tweeted, "Interesting Saturday night… Just got out of the hospital with a new scar of my face…Charges/chargers!!!" He then tweeted a picture of him and girlfriend Avril Lavigne (top right).

Avril Lavigne has become well known for her anger management issues. Her most recently reported temper tantrum happened in May at a MLB game in Tampa, Florida. After her microphone stopped working during a post-game concert in front of a family-filled audience, Lavigne went off on a profanity-laced tirade. Rumors of Avril's temper surfaced way back in 2004 after she said told a Boston radio host that Hillary Duff could go "screw herself."

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne confirmed they were dating back in May 2010.

Photo courtesy of @BrodyJenner Twitter