The cutest reality TV couples

It seems like so many celebrity couples have their own reality TV show nowadays. And while we’ve had enough of some couples (we’ve seen enough Kardashian romances for a lifetime), we can’t get enough of the following cute celeb couples!

Why we love them

Being reporters ourselves, we can’t help but think that the way these two met is adorable: Giuliana first met Bill when she was interviewing him for E! News. Ever since, they’ve stolen our hearts on their Style Network reality show, Giuliana and Bill. What we love the most about this celebrity reality TV couple is their sense of humor. You can just tell by watching the show that these two really know how to laugh at themselves, through good and bad times.

Ice-T and Coco Austin

Coco Austin
& Ice-T

Why we love them

An unlikely match, yes, but we just love the stars of E!’s Ice Loves Coco. The way Coco takes care of her man is so adorable, and we love to watch the reality TV couple’s sincere bond play out on screen. Ice-T’s laid back vibe complements Coco’s divalicious manner perfectly and their dog Spartacus makes an adorable addition to their little family.

Why we love them

Is anyone else obsessed with E!’s Kendra? We’ve followed this quirky reality TV couple ever since the show debuted and have watched them go through a wedding, the birth of their first child and much more, and we still can’t get enough. Kendra’s wild personality meshes perfectly with Hank’s low-key vibe, and we love the fact that they’re not afraid to be themselves on the show. Plus, their adorable little son, Hank, is too cute.
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Why we love them

And people said these two would never get married! Well, the KISS frontman finally took the plunge and married his girlfriend of 28 years this October and it only made us fall in love with their family even more. We’ve watched their A&E reality series, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, for years now and have always been a huge fan of Simmons’ and Tweed’s love. Sure, they’ve gone through some difficult patches (infidelity, cancer scares, etc.) but that’s what makes the couple so loveable: They’re real. Plus, their children are always so cheeky and we love watching the family’s interactions on screen.

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