The Vampire Diaries recap: You think you know the Originals, but you have no idea

The long-awaited past of the Originals was revealed on The Vampire Diaries this week and it was as epic as we thought it would be!

Holy Originals, Batman! We’re in full Originals mode now on The Vampire Diaries and there’s no turning back.

Is anyone else in awe of The Vampire Diaries‘ ability to put us in a time machine and not make it cheesy? Like only TVD can, the show invited us to suspend our disbelief and travel back 1,000 years in order to meet the Originals on “Ordinary People.”

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If you weren’t able to come along for the ride, we took the liberty of putting all the most important pieces of “Ordinary People” together in one vampalicious recap…

If you need a quick refresher on what went down last week before you check out this week’s recap, click here.

Are you ready for a taste of the Originals? Here we go…

The show opens with the viking script Alaric (Matt Davis) found last week. Three specific names are written on the old Lockwood cellar wall — Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah. At first they think it’s a trick until Alaric tells Elena and Damon whose name is also included — Mikael!

Oh yeah, he’s papa Original! Alaric sets out to put the pieces of the viking script together via pictures he took, in hopes it might lead to the weapon Mason was talking about.

Meanwhile in the first flashback, Mikael is introduced as a mean papa who is not fond of Klaus and believes he’s a foolish and impulsive boy.

Back in the present, Elena was hell bent on getting the truth out of Rebekah by threatening they’re close to finding Mikael.

Rebekah toys with Elena (Nina Dobrev) at first — slowly releasing details of her family’s past.

Rebekah describes her family’s last moments as humans as horrific. The family, before they became vampires, originally settled on the land as neighbors to the werewolves. One full moon, the family was hiding in the caves on their land, waiting for the werewolves to finish out the night, when a tragedy happened.

Klaus and another brother, Heinrik, snuck out to watch the beasts transform and Heinrik was killed.

Mother Original, Esther (Alice Evans) and Mikael begged their witch to turn the family into vampires for protection but she wouldn’t because the balance of nature would be upset and bring consequences.

Here’s a nice twist — Esther is actually the Original witch who held the necklace — oh, snap! Esther was a witch! Now we know why Rebekah had the necklace originally!

So, she called upon her own magic and the voodoo from the White Oak Tree to give her family immortality — but she couldn’t turn.

Mikael got his kin to drink wine laced with blood and then drove a sword through their hearts. Once they awoke, they were forced to feed and that’s when the consequences began — sun issues (ring created), vervain (found at the bottom of the white oak/same tree that gave life could take it away) and of course, neighbors, were able to shut them out of their homes unless they were invited in.

Here’s where things got interesting: Rebekah thought her mother was killed by her father all those years ago because of the affair — at least, that was how Klaus had told the story.

See, Klaus said Mikael ripped Esther’s heart out, but after the gang studied the drawings, it turns out the hybrid Klaus killed was the Original witch because she put the curse on his werewolf side and rejected him.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) lied this whole time and now Rebekah just may be switching sides.

We can’t leave you without a little Mikael update. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) let Stefan (Paul Wesley) out of his dungeon for some drinking and partying in hopes of getting through to him, but Mikael had other plans.

He found the brothers and threatened to kill Damon unless Stefan told him where Klaus was. The best Stefan could do, because of Klaus’ hold, was to promise to lure him back to Mystic Falls.

So, we’ve got a pissed off Rebekah, an even angrier Mikael and the Original witch-mom from the other side. What do you think is going to happen next?

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Ordinary People?” Are you freaking out because we’re down to one more recap before the holiday break?

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