Sarah Jessica Parker has some advice for Kim Kardashian

Sarah Jessica Parker’s indirect advice for Kim Kardashian: It’s important to keep private lives private. But how would Kardashian make money if she did that?

Kim Kardashian gets advice from Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for living her life openly in New York City. However, she also keeps an incredible amount of privacy in her life — and now she’s imparting that advice to Kim Kardashian.

Parker was in Australia at the same time as Kim Kardashian and was asked about her during a radio interview. The Sex and the City star never named her directly, but she basically described Kardashian’s situation.

“First of all, we live in New York,” said Parker of her family with Matthew Broderick. “I suspect that we choose to live our lives very differently. We’re not terribly public and we don’t talk about our marriage a lot. We don’t share those kinds of details, we don’t offer them up… maybe that’s something to think about.”

SJP is right — Kardashian made her millions by living her life in the spotlight.

The divorcee-in-the-making, Kim Kardashian, also granted an interview to the same Australian radio station and spouted the same spiel her mom gave in her various media appearances this week.

“It’s tough, people have it so wrong… like I made $20 million and my wedding cost $20 million and all of these ridiculous rumors that just aren’t true,” she said. Kris Jenner and E! also revealed yesterday that Kardashian’s purported $2 million dollar engagement ring wasn’t exactly worth that much.

“I really just can’t pay attention to all of the negative rumors. I’m just being me and I love hard and I do what I think is best at the time. I just follow my heart and I think that this year, I have just learned a lot about myself.”

It’s hard to know what to believe these days, but we have to agree with Gawker writer Maureen O’Connor: Kardashian’s probably trying to stay quiet on her relationship troubles until she can cash in on a money-making tell-all back in the U.S.

“If she keeps making press appearances, she will eventually be forced to answer a divorce question, thereby damaging the monetary value of her first stateside sit-down,” O’Connor wrote.

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