Prince William and Kate Middleton head to Denmark for UNICEF

In a rare televised interview, Kate Middleton joins her husband Prince William to speak out on the food shortage in East Africa.

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited a UNICEF warehouse in Denmark to help box emergency supplies for those in East Africa who are at risk of starving.

Prince William and Kate boxing supples UNICEF

In a televised interview, Prince William said the crisis has been “going on at least 100 days and not getting any better.”

“The rains have come now and, as hopefully you’ve all heard from the UNICEF brief, that doesn’t mean things will get better. In fact, disease becomes a huge issue. And so it’s very much a case of anyone who can do anything to help, please do,” he says.

Middleton agreed with Prince William, saying that she hopes their visit will “put the spotlight on this terrible crisis.”

“I was shocked by the statistics and I think other people will be, too,” she said. “A huge amount still has to happen with hundreds of children still malnourished at the moment.”

Wearing a long-sleeved belted red dress, the Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince William in helping to box medicine and emergency supplies at the UNICEF warehouse. The cargo was to be flown to Nairobi and distributed to those in need.

The couple also learned about water and sanitation for the children. They were then offered a sample of the high-protein peanut paste, which William tasted on his finger, however Middleton declined.

UNICEF treated followers to a play-by-play of their trip, as well as photos of the royal couple. “William & Kate have left the supply centre for Copenhagen airport to see airport supplies loaded and flown to #eastafricacrisis tonight,” they tweeted a few hours ago.

Prince William proposed to Middleton while having a romantic vacation in Kenya in 2010, therefore Africa holds a special place in their heart.

Photo: WENN

Watch Prince William and Kate Middleton’s UNICEF interview:



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