Kristen Stewart: Life after Bella is bright

Kristen Stewart might be making some Bollywood moves after Twilight — and she’s learning Hindi, too.

Kristen Stewart

What does the future hold for Kristen Stewart’s post-Twilight career? It just might include appearing on screen with Bollywood hunk Shahrukh Khan if the actress has her way.

“Well, I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan, who is an epitome of romance in Bollywood,” said Stewart while doing international press for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, which opens opens Nov. 18. “And not just Hollywood, but I would love to work with him in Bollywood movies too, and for that I am also looking forward to learning Hindi.”

The ruggedly handsome Khan is 47.

“I have also seen the promos of his latest movie Ra.One, which are very impressive and I just loved his look in the movie,” said Stewart, 21. “I’ll definitely watch the movie also. He is truly an inspiration to me.”

Ra.One is a big-budget splashy superhero film in 3-D that opens around the world on Wednesday. As for her Twilight co-star and current beau, Robert Pattinson, filming scenes together does get a little uncomfortable at times.

“I guess it would be awkward if there were cameras present, wouldn’t it? There’s times when there’s weird closeups,” said Stewart, who has filmed two love scenes with Pattinson for the final two Twilight films. “In the end, I didn’t feel like we had filmed an intimate scene because we were both so uncomfortable and insecure.”

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We suppose marriage isn’t an issue at this point?

“I really have no clue about how to manage; so much of my life is easily Googled,” Stewart said. “As far as marriage is concerned I think we are both too young to think on those grounds.”

Stewart is currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman. Down the road, Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is due November 2012.

“The journey has been amazingly beautiful for me,” Stewart said. “I feel like Bella herself now and on the sets I found Robert Pattinson. So my journey has romance and fun.”

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