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Q&A: David Cook decodes love, lyrics and life on the road

American Idol heartthrob and season seven winner, David Cook, is in the midst of his co-headlining tour with Gavin DeGraw. Touring for his new album, This Loud Morning, David offers SheKnows some inside info about life on the road, music and his idea of a perfect girl.

David Cook's tour after life on American Idol

SK: What’s a love song you’ve written for a girl?

DC: I write a lot of songs about girls. The entire record before Idol was all about one girl, but it’s not a very nice record. She must have really done a number. Also, “Fade Into Me” isn’t about one girl in particular but it’s the idea of that perfect girl, finding your soul mate, someone you can disappear into.

SK: What qualities do you find attractive in a girl?

DC: A lack of pretense is important, and people that don’t get hung up on themselves. I really like a girl with confidence and a sense of humor, someone who appreciates and enjoys life.

SK: What’s the craziest thing a female fan has ever done for you?

DC: During the Idol tour my mom was at the show, and someone threw up a pair of panties and a bottle of KY. I live on a bus with all guys, what am I gonna do with that? And my mom was in the crowd which made it even worse.

SK: Do you prefer a girl in blue jeans and a t-shirt, or all dressed up?

DC: Blue jeans and a t-shirt, almost always.

SK: How has it been touring with Gavin Degraw?

DC: We’ve known each other for a few years now; we met at a radio gig in Orlando. Unfortunately, we don’t ride the same bus, but we all hang out on stops. Carolina Liar is on tour now with us, so it’s a real fun communal tour.

SK: If you could choose anyone, what artist would you want to collaborate with?

DC: Definitely Springsteen, but I doubt he would collaborate with me.

SK: What’s your favorite song on the new album?

DC: It fluctuates, but right now it’s “Fade Into Me.” It’s a new single and a fan favorite. I also really like “Circadian” right now which is the first track on the record.

SK: What besides music are you passionate about?

DC: I’m really passionate about a charity called ABC2 (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure). I’ve worked with them for three years now and they are really great people.

David is running his first marathon in March in LA for the cause.

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