Conrad Murray’s fate is in the jury’s hands

The defense has rested in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial — and now a jury is deciding Conrad Murray’s fate.

Conrad Murray

The defense has rested in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial without Dr. Conrad Murray ever taking the stand.

“My decision is that I will not testify in this matter,” Murray told the judge.

The choice likely was made after considering that, if Murray took the stand, prosecutors would be able to cross examine him — and they could have made him look very, very bad.

The doctor stands accused of improperly and negligently administering propofol to the pop star — a fatal dose of which ultimately killed him, just one day before Michael Jackson was to begin his lauded This Is It tour.

Murray’s defense was mostly made up of former patients brought in as character witnesses to testify that his care was not substandard. One of Jackson’s previous employees also spoke in Murray’s defense. A former nurse said that Jackson “begged” her for propofol. Their star witness was Dr. Paul White, an anesthesiology expert who said contrary to other expert testimony, Jackson could have administered the fatal dose himself. However, even White conceded that Murray’s medical deviations were “serious.”

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Should Conrad Murray be sent to prison for his part in Michael Jackson’s death? That’s up to the jury to decide, and the doctor’s fate is now in their hands. As he wrote in his last twitter update over four months ago, “Michael stood by innocent until proven guilty, please extend me the same courtesy.”

If convicted, Murray could face four years in prison.

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