Dancing with the Stars Halloween recap: Ricki Lake scares her way to the top

Dancing with the Stars got into the Halloween spirit Monday night with a dance spooktacular that left some frightened and others at the top of the leaderboard. Read on to find out who the tricks and the treats of the night were.

It was a night of tricks and treats as the contestants of Dancing with the Stars paid tribute to Halloween.

While we sat in front of our TVs with a bowl of leftover candy, the contestants of Dancing with the Stars scared up votes with their Halloween-themed routines and per usual, Ricki Lake is the leaderboard topper.

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With six contestants left racing for the mirrorball trophy, here’s how everyone fared this week…

David and Kym (24/30): David Arquette and Kym Johnson got spooky with a cha cha cha that crossed Dracula with a magician.

Bruno Tonioli said he was a master at “turning tricks.” Wait, what? Len Goodman said he turned himself “into a dancer.” The biggest trick? He pulled it together and not only entertained us, but gave us some technical talent too.

J.R. and Karina (25/30): J.R. Martinez ain’t afraid of no tango! J.R. and Karina Smirnoff fused the tango with the theme from Ghostbusters, which is not an easy thing to do because the timing of the tango and the song aren’t very compatible.

Len Goodman said it was “substandard,” while Bruno made reference to the ill timing. We thought there was too much wasted time with props at the beginning.

Nancy and Tristan (21/30): Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus got into the Halloween spirit with a jive that was more trick than treat.

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” is a fast song and she was not moving fast enough to keep up with Tristan. It looked completely out of sync. Carrie Ann Inaba said, “We have our good days, and we have our not-so-good days.” You know what she was alluding to.

Rob and Cheryl (25/30): He’s kooky, but not creepy — he is Rob Kardashian. Rob and Cheryl Burke danced the tango to the theme from The Addams Family and unlike J.R.’s tango, this one seemed to wake the judges up — but yet they both got the same score — spooky!

Len said, “You did a terrific job,” and raved about his footwork. Bruno said, “You’ve never been more manly,” while Carrie Ann said, “Rob, your best dance yet.”

Ricki and Derek (27/30): Ricki Lake had some rib trouble this week, but she still nailed Derek Hough’s beautifully choreographed paso doble.

The only qualm the judges seemed to have were her shoulders, but the “shapes” she made were right on point. As Len said, “Whip it and wait!”

Hope and Maks (24/30):  Did Hope Solo and Maks Chmerkovskiy come back from their controversial showing last week? It seems so.

Hope Solo brought out her fun side with a samba to “Werewolf in London” that Bruno said had better “timing, placement and finish,” while Carrie Ann said it was even better than her Toy Story dance. Controversy over!

Team Dance: It was Team Paso Doble (Ricki, David and Rob) vs. Team Tango (J.R., David and Nancy). Each team danced for a set of scores from the judges that would be added to their individual scores. Got it?

Team Tango looked like fierce zombies with their routine set to Rihanna’s hit “Disturbia.” Len thought as a group they looked “great,” but as individuals they looked like a “disaster.” As a whole, they got a score of 23.

Over on Team Paso Doble, the group got aggressive and worked on Rob Kardashian’s sexual side. Weird, we know.

They were powerful, dramatic and fantastic. There was not one weak link on the team, which is amazing because the rehearsals were awful. They pulled out a 26 for a total score.

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After adding the team scores to their individual scores, Ricki Lake pulled ahead, while Nancy Grace sits at the bottom.

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