Is Mickey Rourke coming back for Sin City 2?

Oct 31, 2011 at 12:24 p.m. ET

Mickey Rourke says he may or may not be back for Sin City 2, but either way he is insanely grateful for his Hollywood comeback.

Mickey Rourke

Once Hollywood's golden boy, Mickey Rourke had been all but forgotten in the annals of film history when he rose to critical acclaim again in 2008's The Wrestler. It was his role in Sin City a couple of years earlier that started slowly opening doors up for him again, though. Now Sin City 2 is set to start filming, and his character is definitely in the script. Will he return?

In an interview with, the actor first expresses his total gratitude that Sin City producers gave him a chance in the first place.

"To be honest with you, after I was out of work thirteen, fourteen years (or whatever the hell it was) I remember I went back to Cannes with Rodriguez for Sin City and I was sitting in the car and I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm getting a chance again.' Because all the years go by, and it's thirteen years, and you're living in a room," Rourke said. "After like seven years go by you think, 'Yeah, I really [expletive] up.' And then ten years go by and it's like, 'They're not gonna let me back in the door again.' Especially I was out here (Los Angeles) and this is the worst place to be when they grind you into the ground, and they can't wait to do it. And I helped them do it. I really thought I could turn it around in a year or two and they'd let me back in, but it just didn't happen."

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"I'm very grateful that period is over. And I'm very capable of having that happen again so I've gotta watch myself on a daily basis, you know?"

So how about that sequel? Maybe -- if the money is right.

"It depends. It depends on how bad they want me. You feel me?"

"I did (like the character)," Rourke explained. "But I'm claustrophobic, so the the hours of makeup…You have to keep it on for about 13 or 14 hours a day. It's latex and glue and that stuff that gets my eyes all red…"

"I remember I picked up some chick at a bar in Texas one night and invited her to the set to have lunch at the lunch break," he said. "I couldn't take the [expletive] off. [expletive] it, I never saw her again!"

While he decides, you can catch Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion in the upcoming Immortals in theaters Nov. 11.

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