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Best TV Halloween Costumes of 2011

Still can’t figure out what to wear on Halloween? Here are photos and clips featuring some of the best costumes on television this year, along with a few sneak peeks of Halloween fun ahead. See what Katie Holmes, Justin Long, Giuliana Rancic and others are wearing for Halloween.

Halloween is almost upon us and the costume parade has already begun. Angry Birds, Amy Winehouse, Smurfs, Snookie and Twilight vamps are sure to show up at your party, but if you want to go another way, check out this television season’s best costumes so far, as well as a few still to come.

Once Upon a Time is a treasure trove of Halloween costume ideas

In addition to the shows below, period episodes and series like Once Upon a Time (above) are a treasure trove of Halloween costume ideas.

How I Met Your Mother Costume Party Sneak Peek

Check out this How I Met Your Mother sneak peek of a party scene chock full of costume ideas. During Monday’s upcoming Halloween episode, “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns,” Ted finally will finally meet his mystery girl in the Slutty Pumpkin costume (Katie Holmes), Barney learns he is part Canadian, and Lily has pregnancy brain. HIMYM airs on CBS.

Martha Stewart costume tips

Justin Long and Martha Stewart get spooky on Halloween

No holiday is complete without your Martha Stewart fix. Tune into The Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark channel on Monday for a Halloween fright fest filled with thrilling and chilling party ideas. Actor Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) drops by for some wicked fun, plus a professional haunt expert provides spooky tips. Also, Stewart has a webpage dedicated to the Halloween, with tons of videos.


Fashion Police Celebrity Halloween

E's The Fashion Police do Halloween as Suri Cruise,J-Lo, Marc Anthony and Victoria Beckhamt

Can you tell who’s real in this picture? On E!’s Halloween episode of Fashion Police, Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos pull out all the stops and transform into their favorite celebrity alter-egos. Fashion Police airs Fridays on E!

The Talk Goes Over the Rainbow

Venture over the rainbow on Monday with The Talk‘s Wizard of Oz themed episode, featuring Paula Deen, Cloris Leachman… and a surprise guest appearance! Who will the Wizard be?

The Talk goes goes Wizard of Oz for Halloween

Get the Pan Am stewardess look

Get the Pan Am look for Halloween

A Pan Am stewardess must look the part to a T. If you’re thinking of flying the friendly skies on Halloween, just follow the uniform specs found in ABC’s how-to kit, which includes patterns for the Pan Am wings lapel pin, and the stewardess cap. All you need to scrounge up is a blue thrift store suit, a white collared shirt, white gloves, black low-heeled pumps and a 1960s updo.

Today Show Halloween Preview

The Today show always goes all out for Halloween. You’ll have to wait until Monday morning to see what they’re wearing this year, but here a retrospective of favorite Today show Halloween moments to help you with ideas for this weekend.

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Sitcoms do Halloween

ABC’s Last Man Standing went full steam ahead, with a street full of trick-or-treaters, not to mention a visit from the “real” Elvira. CBS’ Mike and Molly went Frankenstein. NBC’s Community offers our one vampy sample, while Parks and Recreations‘ Halloween party host was a sumo wrestler on a diet.

Mike and Molly do Frankenstein on halloween

Last Man Standing Halloween
Okay, we got one vampire and victim in the group!

Parks and Recreation Halloween fun

Happy Endings Halloween clip

As this Happy Endings clip reflects, Halloween is all about making an entrance. If you watched the episode, however, you’ll know to be wary of sexually confusing outfits. Alex’s gruff voice caused her to be mistaken for a man!

The Office Halloween clip

The Office got dressed up for the holiday this week.

Dancing with the Stars Halloween dance

Mark Ballas and Lacey Schwimmer did a special number on Dancing with the Stars this week.

Images: E!, CBS, ABC, Hallmark, NBC

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