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Amanda Seyfried’s favorite daydream: Motherhood

It looks like Hollywood’s baby fever has caught on with another actress: Amanda Seyfried.

While the celebrity world has seen a lot of baby bumps pop up (and go missing, in pregnant Beyonce’s case), actress Amanda Seyfried has apparently caught Hollywood’s baby fever by wanting to become a mother, too.

The Big Love actress recently revealed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she usually daydreams about motherhood.

She told the talk show host, “I don’t even have a boyfriend, so it’s not going to happen. But I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me.”

“I can’t wait to have kids, but I have to keep myself in check. I’m not having a baby anytime soon. I think a lack of a boyfriend has a little something to do with it,” the blonde beauty added. “My dog Finn is my baby. I treat him like a child. I think this is easier for now.”

The 30-year-old actress did get a chance to see what motherhood looked like when she dated ex-boyfriend Ryan Phillippe and stepped into a temporary stepmom role to the actor’s two kids, Ava, 12, and Deacon, 8, whom he shares with actress Reese Witherspoon.

Seyfried broke up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Philippe when it was revealed that the actor had fathered a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Knapp earlier this year. There were also rumors that he had a fling with chart topper Rihanna while he was with Seyfried. It’s a good thing that Seyfried didn’t suffer from baby fever while she was dating him.

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