Be your favorite celebrity this Halloween!

Oct 27, 2011 at 10:17 a.m. ET

Stuck for a costume this Halloween? It's a night to get wild, so why not dress as your favorite wild celebrity? Here are some of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes.

Katy Perry costume

Katy Perry

The only problem with being Katy Perry for Halloween is deciding which of her fabulous stage costumes to wear! We've chosen this one from her "California Gurls" video. To adapt at home, sparkle up a pair of denim shorts with some craft supplies, don a bright blue wig that you can find at any Halloween shop this time of year, and as for that bikini top? Swap out those cupcakes with giant, multicolor swirl lollipops available at candy stores. Glue them to a solid satin padded bra.

Amy Winehouse costume

Amy Winehouse

Is it tasteless to dress as a recently-deceased celeb on Halloween? Some people think so, but we prefer to think of it as an homage. Honor the gone-too-soon singer with the classic Amy Winehouse uniform: skinny jeans, a white wife-beater tank layered over a black push-up bra and knotted in the back, colorful doorknocker earring, simple ballet flats, and of course her trademark beehive -- with a wig from a costume shop. Don't forget to draw on a few of her tattoos: a '50s pinup tattoo and hearts on one arm, and the name Blake above the top of a faux pocket flap over your left breast. The finishing touch? Her batwing black eyeliner.

Charlie Sheen costume

Charlie Sheen

There is nothing more appropriate for a dude to dress like on Halloween than a warlock, right? Charlie Sheen is the most powerful celebrity warlock, so he is the obvious choice. Luckily, his costume is pretty easy, consisting mostly of street clothes. Jeans or shorts, a "winning" tee worn underneath an unbuttoned, vintage bowling-style shirt, a ridiculous watch with lots of bling and topsiders create a convincing costume -- especially when completed with some blacked-out teeth, a bottle of tiger's blood and a date dressed like a porn star.

Lady Gaga costume

Lady Gaga

Love Lady Gaga but want a costume that's a little more covered-up than the underwear she often prances around in? Try this look from her video for "Born This Way." It's a full tuxedo -- you can fake it with a black pants suit, crisp white dress shirt and bow tie -- paired with a long pink and blonde ponytail, which you can create by selectively spraying a cheap blond Halloween-shop wig. To complete the look, you'll need the spooky skeleton makeup And don't forget to write GAGA on your knuckles and stick on super-pointy fake nails.

Snooki costume


Unleash your inner guidette and turn your Halloween bash into a rollicking vacation on The Jersey Shore with this Snooki costume idea. Wildly-painted fake nails, a leopard print mini dress, cropped biker jacket, thigh-high boots, an over-the-top spray tan and of course the famous Snooki poof will complete your transformation. The good news is that if you have more than one costume party to attend, you can repurpose your Snooki hair as an Amy Winehouse wig!

Bonus points for zombie-fying your celebrity costume with gross-out makeup!

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