Alicia Silverstone is potty training her five-month-old son

Alicia Silverstone is getting her son started way early on toilet training!

Alicia Silvertone is using Diaper Free on her baby

Alicia Silverstone gave birth to son Bear Blu just five months ago… so what is she doing potty training him already? She tweeted all about it this week.

“[S]aturday bear blu (5 mos old) went poo and pee on toilet 4x throughout the day…we were so proud! Check out book Diaper Free..soo fun!” the Clueless actress tweeted earlier in the week.

Well, it turns out that Silverstone isn’t exactly potty training her baby boy, but using a method of diaper-free living for babies. We hadn’t heard of this before, so we did a little research. Turns out, the Diaper Free philosophy is something that has been used for generations – it just wasn’t called that.

“Throughout most of human existence, parents have cared for their babies hygienically without relying on diapers. In many cultures around the world, mothers still know how to understand and respond to their infant’s elimination needs to keep them clean and content,” according to Ingrid Bauer, author of Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene.

The process “fosters a close bond and communication, prevents conventional toilet training and diapering struggles, supports a healthy body image and early toilet mastery, saves money and the environment and offers another opportunity to respond fully to your baby’s needs.”

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Sounds interesting… and time consuming! However, it’s working for Silverstone.

“[Y]esterday bear did 2 poops in toilet….so sweet! i’m saving so many diapers…even cloth ones….yahoooo! and it’s so fun!” she tweeted Wednesday.

We’ll be interested to hear more about how it’s working through her tweets.

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Would you use the Diaper Free philosophy on your baby?


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