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Bridget Marquardt shows off sexy Halloween costumes

Tour the ex-playmate’s above-average Halloween decorations while she models her sexy Halloween costume collection, chats about her days with Hef and the new guy in her life.

Known by Hollywood to love Halloween, Bridget Marquardt doesn’t skimp when it comes to being festive in October. She stepped it up a notch this year by designing her own line of sexy Halloween costumes.

“There’s 17 sexy girl costumes,” she says pointing out the ring master, the beer maid, and the school girl all on the rack of sexy pieces in her living room. “I wanted to give girls the option to wear something really comfortable but still short, still has cleavage and can still be sexy.”

There’s even a sexy Hef costume — two words you probably didn’t expect to hear in the same sentence. “It’s a sexy version of what Hef wears,” Bridget explains. “His smoking jacket, his purple pajamas. It comes with a pipe and the captain’s hat.”

Since Hef’s recent split with Krystal just before their wedding, Bridget assures us he is doing great, “He’s better than he was when he was with her.” She even revealed his coping mechanism on the night of the could-have-been wedding: a showing of Runaway Bride at the mansion!

Fitting, Hef! It’s good to know that even the most famous bachelor turns to Julia Roberts films after a break up.

As for Bridget’s own love life, she and longtime boyfriend are still going strong after three years together. When asked if marriage was in the cards, she said that it has been in the conversation but they are both focused on their careers for the time being.

Her Halloween costume line isn’t the only project in Bridget’s line up. She couldn’t reveal all the details of her upcoming TV gigs but stay tuned — Bridget is back.

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