Movie Review: In Time

In Time is a stylized sci-fi movie about a futuristic world where time is the highest commodity you can find.

In Time is a retro, cool, rock-and-roll style action flick where Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried beat the clock with love on their side. Think Bonnie and Clyde meets Blade Runner with the cars from Starsky and Hutch.

In Time

If you want to be young forever, you have to pay for it. And everyone in this futuristic world is willing to do that. Because if you don’t, you’ll die.

Yes! J.T. back on the big screen, again!

J.T. is gritty, tough and has a gorgeous 5 o’clock shadow. The only thing missing is his golden voice. If only they could have done what Friends With Benefits did this summer and find a way to let him sing a little… but alas, we’ll have to wait for his next appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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Still, In Time gives Timberlake the chance to show us he’s more than just ‘N Sync (we’ve known that for some time, J.T!) by showing off his action hero chops as Will Salas, a working class guy just trying to make it through the day. Literally, he’s just trying to make it through the next 24 hours. In order to do so, he’s got to earn every minute of his own life clock by working, trading, saving and negotiating.

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Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser a delicious villain

When Will meets billionaire Philippe Weis (played by Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser), who has several centuries on his life clock, the bidding war begins for which of these two will rule the time zone.

Enter Weis’ daughter, Sylvia, played by Amanda Seyfried. Pretty, charming and bringing it with that rock-star edge, she’s the daddy’s girl who wants to find her own place in the world. When Will kidnaps Sylvia and takes her to the wrong side of town, the two soon discover if they don’t work together, they’ll never break down the walls of this time prison.

Cillian Murphy plays the good cop gone bad and back again. We loved him as a psycho shrink in Batman Begins, but here he’s even more interesting as someone the audience can’t quite peg.

Forever 25…? Only in Hollywood!

Matt Bomer

White Collar star Matt Bomer deserves a second look as the emotional billionaire who gets the movie going. He’s charming, gorgeous and we’d love to have more of him on the big screen. Maybe this picture-perfect hunk deserves a rom-com where girl-next-door wins the man of her dreams…? Just saying.

In Time brings a gorgeous cast — how could they not, everyone in this world is perpetually 25, just like in Hollywood! But, if you’re looking for an explanation to this catastrophic way to live, the film dances around the issue, leaving it up to the audience to decide.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a good sci-fi action movie with a funky world, great cars and one hot J.T, In Time just might stop the clock for you.


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