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DWTS Len Goodman weighs in on feud with Maks

It was a war of words between Maks and judge Len Goodman on last night’s Dancing with the Stars and now, Goodman finally has his say!

It was the war of words that lingered between veteran Dancing with the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy and veteran dancer and judge, Len Goodman. Last night on the live show, Maks had his say. Today, on Access Hollywood Live, Goodman spoke his mind to show host Billy Bush.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Said Goodman, “Listen, I’ve slept on it and I’m sure Maks has slept on it. How many times in the heat of the moment we’ve said stuff we regret? What he’s saying is so untrue. I am a defendant of all the pros, I think those professionals do a fantastic job.”

He continued, “When we started this show in England, I never thought it would work because I never thought the pros would be able to train a celebrity in a week to such a high standard. I was totally wrong. My admiration knows no bounds for the celebrities. To come on a live show and do something you’ve never done before, I admire everyone on that show.”

But he does understand Maks’ point, about how hard the celebrities work, training for hours for that one and one-half minute routine per week. But he wishes their altercation wouldn’t have happened at all, much less on live television.

Revealed Goodman, “I haven’t heard from him since this happened. It all got a little bit out of hand. It all got crazy. What they’ve got to understand is that we’re the judges. When I drive out of that studio, if I felt maybe I mocked someone in a way I shouldn’t have done, I would feel terrible. I have to leave there knowing I did the best I could. It’s not like football with slow motion, they have that and they still get it wrong! We watch the routine a minute and a half and we have to make a decision and a critique, and we have to give a score. It’s not exact, you can just do your best.”

But at least Len has a sense of humor about the situation. In the end he says, “Maks is hunky dunky. I am the crinkly judge caught in the middle.”

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