Celebs freak over the return of the McRib

Oct 25, 2011 at 12:25 p.m. ET

Excited about the return of the McDonald's McRib? You're in some famous company!

Guess what? The McDonald's McRib is back! We know -- it's not exactly the biggest secret in the world. It seems like everyone is either salivating -- or vomiting -- over the thought of a savory meat concoction with fake bone indentations, onions and bbq sauce on a bun.

Jenny McCarthy loves the McRib


"The McRib has an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base," McDonald's U.S. marketing director Marta Fearon said in a statement. "And we thank those customers for contributing to our decision to bring back the McRib nationwide in 2011."

The company took the McRib off the regular menu when sales dipped. Now, the McRib is considered a seasonal item, much like the green-tinted Shamrock Shake.

"[The McRib] was never designed to be a permanent menu item," Fearon said.

Plenty of celebrities are broadcasting their love of the McRib. The loudest? Actress and model Jenny McCarthy.

"Mcrib #8. Heres How I am able to stomach it even though I'm allergic to gluten," McCarthy tweeted Monday, along with a photo of a special supplement she takes for her gluten intolerance.

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Eight may seem like a lot of McRibs, but it's safe to say she'll have a lot more before the sandwich leaves the menu. She was desperate to find a McRib in Southern California before she learned of the McRib Locator, a website set up to help hungry rib lovers find a supplied store.

"I'm in Sherman oaks. Can't find any. I had to buy the rip off version of mcrib at AM/PM. #desperatetimes" McCarthy tweeted last week. She was pretty, uh, satisfied once she got one.

"[I]t's better then sex! Ok, not really but they r pretty great," she tweeted afterward.

Surprisingly, news anchor Diane Sawyer is also a fan.

"I've only had one McRib in my life and I fondly remember it," tweeted Sawyer. "And will proudly succumb to another."

Image courtesy WENN.com/FayesVision

Will you get a McRib?