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Rum Diary’s Johnny Depp reveals wild times with Hunter S. Thompson

Johnny Depp plays a hard partying journalist lured by the comforts of luxury in this month’s Hunter S. Thompson flick, The Rum Diary. But Depp reveals to SheKnows that his priorities in life are far from focused on materialistic pursuits.

As the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records’ highest paid actor, one would think that Johnny Depp would have an air of superiority. But when we sat down with Depp to chat about his most recent role in The Rum Diary, it was apparent that this gorgeous actor is really just another down-to-earth dad.

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Dressed in his signature cap and glasses, and sporting a slight scruff, Depp immediately put us at ease with his unassuming attitude.

We chatted with him about the film — based on the early life of his close friend and famed journalist Hunter S. Thompson — and quickly discovered how similar Depp is to his character Paul. Like Paul, Depp has all the world’s wants at his fingertips, yet he remains true to himself.

Johnny Depp, The Rum Diary premiere

When asked what the most important things in life are to him, Depp told SheKnows, “Family, and that’s it. Family… your loved ones, your kids, your woman, your friends.”

The “woman” Depp refers to is longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, model Vanessa Paradis. Although their kids — 12-year-old Lily-Rose and 9-year-old “Jack” — are too young to see the film, Depp said he’s excited to show it to them one day.

“I think my kids might wait a few years before they see this one, but it’s a film I’m very proud of,” Depp told us. “I think they’ll like it when they’re ready to see it.”

From trying unidentified drugs to setting a police officer on fire, it’s understandable that he’d want to wait to share his friend’s escapades with his kids. And as far-fetched as some of these scenarios sound, Depp told us it’s just typical Hunter behavior.

“Everything that happens in Hunter’s books, absolutely happened,” said Depp. “There was never a dull moment with Hunter, ever.”

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