Jessica Simpson loses lucrative pregnancy deal

Oct 24, 2011 at 3:58 p.m. ET

Jessica Simpson has lost out on a lucrative $500,000 pregnancy announcement, according to sources.

By now, it's pretty obvious that Jessica Simpson is eating, drinking and passing gas for two these days, even though the singer was hoping to land a lucrative paycheck by making an official pregnancy announcement via a gossip magazine.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, the singer and fashion maven has refused to confirm her now-obvious pregnancy until a magazine deal was in place. Her manager-father Joe Simpson was also trying to broker a deal, which has apparently failed to launch on time.

It looks like OK! magazine has beaten the other tabloids and the Simpson family to the punch by posting their next week's issue of a smiling and glowing Simpson with the tag line "Yes, I'm having a baby" on their cover.

While the magazine didn't directly speak to the chart topper herself, it claims to have spoken to sources close to the singer, with one in particular saying, "Jessica is so excited. She joked, 'Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It's just sort of a rule with pregnant women.' But it was typical Jessica that she was making a joke of it."

Even though that extra $500,000 paycheck could have purchased a wardrobe complete with designer and brand name onesies, baby hoodies and burp cloths for her baby, it doesn't look like she, fiancé Eric Johnson and their future bundle of joy will be in bad shape. After all, she is worth over $100 million. We wouldn't be surprised if Simpson even came out with her own line of baby clothes in the future, too.

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